Dutch Railways

"We implemented the Secure Card Feeder in November 2009. The figures changed dramatically. Since then, no more skimming has occurred at the Dutch Railways. With the Secure Card Feeder we offer our customers a 100% safe payment environment."
Chris Smulders, CFO Passenger Travel Dutch Railways.

Amsterdam Public Transport Company GVB

“I am impressed by the performance of the CSPtec team. Within a short period of time they developed and implemented the Secure Card Feeder into all our TVMs. CSPtec is a professional company which delivers high quality.”
Pieter Schotte, CFO GVB Amsterdam.


“The Secure Card Feeder has proved to be a very good solution against skimming. It has contributed significantly to the decline of skimming in the Netherlands in 2010.”
Piet Mallekoote, CEO Currence.

Schmit Parkeersystemen

“The Secure Card Feeder is a proven effective solution in the fight against skimming.”
John Geeratz, CEO Schmit Parkeersystemen.