City of Arnhem

Implemented: Oktober 2012

The city of Arnhem has equipped their new parking ticket machines with the Secure Card Feeder.

Dutch Payments Association, on behalf of the 3 mayor Dutch banks

Implemented: May 2012

The most frequently used machines for topping up electronic purses are equipped with the Secure Card Feeder.

Dutch Railways

Implemented: January 2012

In 2012, the Dutch Railways migrated their ticket vending machines to EMV and implemented DIP readers with Secure Card Feeder.

Amsterdam Public Transport Company GVB

Implemented: November 2010

GVB in Amsterdam has implemented the Secure Card Feeder on all of their Ticket Vending Machines. Since then, no more skimming has occurred. The TVMs of GVB are equipped with a manual cardreader. The customers of GVB are very satisfied the company has taken measures to prevent skimming.

Dutch Railways

Implemented: November 2009

Dutch Railways was the first company that implemented the Secure Card Feeder. In 2008 and 2009 the TVMs of the Dutch Railways were frequently attacked by skimmers. When it became apparent that adequate anti-skimming solutions for their TVMs could not be found, it was decided to develop and implement the Secure Card Feeder. The solution proved very successful: since then, no more skimming has occurred.
The 1,300 TVMs of the Dutch Railways have a motorized card reader. A welcome side effect appeared to be that the number of read errors decreased by 6% after implementation of the Secure Card Feeder.