About CSPtec

CSPtec is an innovative company, founded in 2009, specialized in developing and supplying solutions to protect ATMs and Self Service Terminals against fraud attacks like skimming, shimming, eavesdropping and cash trapping.

More than 100.000 machines worldwide are equipped with a CSPtec solution, and with success: none of these machines have yet been compromised.

Main products are passive anti skimming devices which offer proven 100% effective protection against M1/D1 skimming (overlay skimming), M2 skimming (throat skimming), M3/D2 skimming (deep insert skimming) and S1 shimming (EMV chip skimming).

These solutions are suitable for both motorized and DIP card readers.

CSPtec also supplies stopgap solutions which can expel current skimming attacks. Within a short time, large-scale attacks can be stopped.

The strength of CSPtec? Finding simple solutions for complex problems.

Are you curious about what CSPtec can do for your business? Do not hesitate to contact us!

CSPtec is associate member of EAST

European Association for Secure Transactions


CSPtec is located in Ede, The Netherlands.
You can reach us by phone: +31 318 624086
or by filling out the contact form below.

Postal address:
CSPtec B.V.
Barend Veenendaalstraat 38
6711 XH Ede
The Netherlands

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