CSPtec is a young and innovative company specialized in anti skimming solutions. Main focus is to secure and protect unmanned POS-terminals and ATMs.

CSPtec offers several solutions, varying in security level. In this way a suitable solution can be found for your specific situation.


Our main product is the Secure Card Feeder, a mechanical anti skimming device (international patent pending). The basic concept of the Secure Card Feeder is simple but effective: first the card is inserted sideways into the Secure Card Feeder. Then, in the protected environment of the Secure Card Feeder, the forward swipe movement is made.

CSPtec Secure Card Feeder: insert and swipe

The Secure Card Feeder is suitable for both DIP readers and motorized readers.

Our anti skimming expert team develops a Secure Card Feeder for specific machines within short timelines.


Experts agree: it seems impossible to hack the Secure Card Feeder. Successful implementation on more than 2,500 Self Service Terminals – which were skimmed very frequently - proves it: more than 200 million transactions but no skimming at all since November 2009!

The Secure Card Feeder: an effective solution to protect the magstripe, even in the EMV-era!


Besides the Secure Card Feeder CSPtec also supplies stopgap solutions which can expel current skimming attacks. Within a short time, large-scale attacks can be stopped. Installation is very easy (within approx. 5 minutes) without opening or shutdown your machine, and yet very sturdy mounting.


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